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Published bimonthly (in print or digital access), Nurturing Faith Journal is an autonomous, national journal offering thoughtful analysis, inspiring features and helpful resources for Christian living. With abundant original content found nowhere else, this high-quality, 64-page magazine focuses on timely issues – while including the excellent Nurturing Faith Bible Studies by Tony Cartledge.

Nurturing Faith Journal is copyright Nurturing Faith 2018. Articles and Bible Studies in the Journal may not be copied or otherwise reproduced for distribution.

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Inspiring features, insightful information, and thoughtful analysis found nowhere else!

Weekly Bible Studies

by Tony Cartledge – for every week of the year! These scholarly yet applicable lessons stimulate discussion and provide a depth of study that respects the thoughtful inquiry of those who study the Bible together.

Teaching Resources

for the Nurturing Faith Bible Studies include Tony’s video overview (that can be used in class or as teacher preparation). Also, get Tony’s excellent “Digging Deeper” background materials and “The Hardest Question” discussion starters. Weekly downloadable lessons plans are provided by Christian educators David Woody (for adults) and Jeremy Colliver (for youth).

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